Re: Chateau Martin Wine Car Color

Mark Pierce <marcoperforar@...>

This site has some color photos of CM wine cars. There appears to
have been a variety of schemes.
I like the photo of the gentleman siphoning wine from a tank car with
a hose. Looks like he'll be serving it momentarily to his companions.

Mark Pierce

--- In STMFC@..., Anthony Thompson <thompson@...> wrote:

Errol Spangler wrote:
I see there has been some discussion here in the past on the CM
cars. Anyone have a clue to just what color the cars were
We at O Scale West are working with Lionel to provide their
wine car in 2-rail scale for the combined O Scale West - National
Scale convention next June.
Have you looked at some of the published color photos? There
one in the book on billboard reefers we recently published. I'd
the color a variety of magenta.

Tony Thompson >

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