Re: Single-sheathed box cars

Tim O'Connor

Ray Breyer wrote

Make that about 70% accurate Tim. The ends are wrong and the
fishbelly underframe is essentially 100% wrong for the IC cars.
Still, if you need more than one for your IC roster (like I do!)
it's a whole lot more affordable and quick than the Sunshine
version of the same car.
Why is the uf wrong? My shot of IC 16719 shows a fishbelly.
And yes, the proto ends are 3/5 while the model is 4/4 but...
perhaps Dennis followed an atypical prototype car? I mean why
would he deliberately make it incorrectly?

Avoid the Walthers 50 foot SS box car.
Again, unless you need IC cars.
I'd love to see a photo of that IC 50' car.

Tim O'Connor

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