Re: Brake Diagram for WW2 Pullman Troop Sleeper


Hi Bruce;

Thank you for the clarification; I had no idea and should have known
better... It's nice to know the drawings are correct for SOMEthing,
and all the better that that something is what John is looking for!
Also good for me when I get around to modeling DL & W/EL m-o-w
equipment with these models. Thank you again;

Jim Harr
Stella Scale Models

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Hi John and list;

The December 2001 issue of Model Railroader has an article by
McGuirk entitled "Troop Sleepers" that includes a set of drawings
Harold Russell; there are two exceptional underbody views (two
different step treatments = two different views) that ought to
you all you need to know to detail your car. E-mail off-list if
would like me to send a photocopy.

Jim Harr
Jim, John,

Bad news/good news. The drawings used for the troop sleeper
were originally drawn for an article on the NYC express car
conversion. So the bad news is that these drawings are incorrect
the troop sleeper and troop kitchen cars as built and should not
been published as such. The good news for John is that they are
PRECISELY what he was looking for.


Bruce F. Smith
Auburn, AL

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