Re: Single-sheathed box cars

Ray Breyer

Gene Green wrote:
And don't forget Accurail's wonderful Illinois Central
single sheathed box car. I picked up a decorated model
from 5th Avenue Car Shops that is 100% accurate.
Can you be more specific?  Should I be looking for Accurail's 4100
series, 4300, 4500, 7000 or 7100 series, all of which appear to be
single-sheathed.  I contact Jim Singer.
Hi Gene,
All of the Accurail SS cars are a prototype of "something", or at least can be made into an "85% good" stand in (which is good enough for most of us!). It's all a matter of what you can find that's close. For example, I use the Accurail 7100s for both IC and Milwaukee SS cars. They're closest to IC, but if you ignore the lack of a lumber door on the A end and change the underframe, they're a pretty good stand-in that costs 1/4 of a Sunshine car (which is important when you've got a big family and a small hobby budget!).
IIRC, there was an email on this list about six months ago that listed all of the closest prototypes to Accurail models. You might want to find that as a starting point.
Ray Breyer

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