Re: Brake Diagram for WW2 Pullman Troop Sleeper

Marty McGuirk

Wow, good memory - I don't even remember that article and had to look
it up.

I don't know where Harold got the information for those drawings - it
was Harold's usual practice to measure an existing prototype if one
could be found - always a dangerous thing since you never know if/how
completely a car had been "restored" or "preserved.".

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Hi John and list;

The December 2001 issue of Model Railroader has an article by Marty
McGuirk entitled "Troop Sleepers" that includes a set of drawings by
Harold Russell; there are two exceptional underbody views (two
different step treatments = two different views) that ought to tell
you all you need to know to detail your car. E-mail off-list if you
would like me to send a photocopy.
More bad news Jim, you cannot send a photocopy of the article/drawings
to someone else. I don't think the police will come knocking, but I
should remind you of that. Photocopies (or perhaps back issues) are
available directly from the nice folks at Kalmbach Publishing.


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