Re: coke -- a consumer product in 1950?

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Koppers Coke was the largest producer of house-heating coke. Coke as a home heating fuel began to diminish after World War II.
MIchael Bishop

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Subject: [STMFC] Re: coke -- a consumer product in 1950?
Date: Thursday, February 26, 2009, 7:29 AM

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Is this a dealer that sells coke (for homes? business?)
or a producer of coke? (in which case those coal cars
would be arriving with ordinary coal I guess)
http://tbn0. hosted/images/ c?q=e67ae0d61d79 f076_large
I suspect most of us think of coke as a fuel used only by heavy
industry, primarily in steel making. That said, this certainly looks
more like a dealer in coke, with no coking furnaces showing. Years
ago someone indicated to me that coke was sometimes used to heat
residential housing, though that seems a stretch to me. But the
amount of green in the photo leads me to think the area in which it
was taken was not a "heavily industrial area". Do you know where the
photo was taken or does anyone know if coke might have been used as
a residential heating fuel in some limited areas? The areas in which
Koppers distributed their products might also help pin things down if
they can be determined.

Regards, Don Valentine

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