Re: Kadee minimum body box widths and #4 couplers

Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

... the #4 had a slot in the coupler shank that was behind the
square post that held the coupler in its pocket and there was a
spring that
fit into that slot. BUT, and what has not been stated here, is that
there was also a very small cylindrical piece of metal that fit
INSIDE that spring to provide limits to coupler travel.
I didn't mention that *&%$### subatomic-sized cylindrical filler
piece that has to be placed inside the spring sunokt because I felt I
was already pushing the envelope already in attempting to describe the
#4's venerable but unusual coupler shank centering arrangement. If
memory serves, this tiny cylinder was also a later addition by Kadee
some years following Kadee's shift to magnetic couplers, while other
aspects of the design remained unchanged. BTW, the coupler seems to
operate quite well if this cylinder is left out, i.e. as in, it has
already flown off the bench into a netherworld.

As implied, assembling the couplers with this miniscule little piece
was and still is no picnic. Once assembled, the coupler box/coupler is
treated with the highest respect.


Denny S. Anspach MD

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