Re: coke -- a consumer product in 1950?

Al Campbell

Hello Don and others. I very much remember as a child growing up in Chelsea
MA in the late 40's and early 50's we would occasionally use coke. Money
usually was a little tight at the time but we would use coke sometimes because the
heat content was higher than coal. Coke was a little more expensive than
coal but coke was less dense than coal therefore you got more bang for the buck.
It was a lot cleaner than coal also. I recall the ashes of coke were a kind
of pinkish color as opposed to coal ash being whitish gray. I'm sure some of
our neighbors used coke judging by the ash color that was sprinkled on icy
sidewalks. I also remember getting the delivery of coal or coke. The dump truck
bed would rise up on a scissor type lift. The delivery men would use canvas
baskets to take it from the truck to the chute leading into the coal bin in
the cellar. Ah, memories. Al Campbell
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