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I guess you can do just about anything if you have a big enough hammer.


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From: Richard Hendrickson

From: Richard Hendrickson
The three compartment car appears to have been a 6,000 gal
single compartment car converted to three compartments. Such
conversions were fairly common (more often, though, on 8,000 gal.
cars), especially on GATX cars.
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How would they do that? I suppose they could take off the heads and slide
the new ones inside the shell, but my guess is that the inside was far from
a perfect cylinder which would make "sliding" heads in and getting a good
circumferetial seal very difficult.
Nevertheless, that's exactly how it was done, Kurt. I've sometimes thought that they probably un-riveted the top seam, as well, since they would have had to cut new openings for the end domes and bore new holes for the dome flange rivets. But I've never found either a photo or a witness's account of exactly how it was done.
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