Re: Kadee minimum body box widths and #4 couplers

Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

Of peripheral interest in this discussion was the observed fact that in two month 2006 test of couplers holding together a fully operating 131 car train of freight cars of mixed ancestry pulled by a single steam locomotive, the only failures that I experienced were 1) The cast-in post of a #4 coupler box was fractured and pulled right out of the box, and 2) several McHenry couplers failed when the "stops" limiting knuckle range-of-movement failed. A large majority of couplers on the train, including the car tagging the locomotive tender itself were plastic Accumate Proto semi scale couplers. The remainder were almost all Kadee #5s, with a few #78s. Not a single one of them failed in any way, or even came close.


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