Re: tank car question

Richard Hendrickson

On Feb 26, 2009, at 9:50 PM, Frank Fertitta wrote:
Try this Richard -

Shell-and-tube heat exchangers, and some large, industrial liquid
heaters have their tube bundles in a single pass (steam in the top
connection through internal copper U-tubes with condensate out the
bottom connection) configuration built so that the whole assembly
can be removed for repair. They are usually installed at the bottom
of the tank and removed horizontally. While the bundle is being
repaired, if the tank is required to be in continuous service, it
is not unusual to see a blind flange covering the mating flange

Is it possible that a tank car not originally built with serpentine
steam coils could be modified with connections for an internal,
removable tube bundle for heating liquids requiring viscosity
encouragement (paraffin perhaps) and then later removed?

Seems like that's as good a guess as any, Frank. But it begs the
question of what sort of non-inflammable liquid C-I steel would be
shipping that required ten 12,600 gal. tank cars with heaters.

Richard Hendrickson

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