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Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi Dave, Richard, and List Members,

The car in the image appears to have roof hatches.

Why would a car intended to be used for dry ice retain roof hatches? I mean, dry ice maintains a colder temperature than you can make using ice and salt alone...

From Wikipedia: "Dry ice sublimes, changing directly to a gas at atmospheric pressure. Its sublimation and deposition point is ?78.5 ?C (?109.3 ?F)."

- Claus Schlund

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On Feb 26, 2009, at 10:48 PM, Dave Nelson wrote:
Am looking for more information of the cars of the Pure Carbonic
Here's an image of one such car:


The pre-1950 cars all seem to be 13'6" (like in the image) or 13'
4" to the
top of the running boards.

Were these cars entirely "custom" (on the outside) or might I find
similar enough for anything in the HO scale market to use or kitbash?

Any pointers to where I might find other car images would also be most

Dave, DICX reporting marks were originally assigned to the American
Dry Ice Corporation Refrigerator Line of New York, but in the
mid-1930s its cars, along with the reporting marks, were taken over
by the Merchants Despatch Transportation Co. subsidiary of the New
York Central System, where the DICX fleet grew in size to about 250
cars by the early 1950s. Pure Carbonic, which was a division of the
Air Reduction Co., Inc., leased its cars from MDT, but not all of the
DICX were leased to Pure Carbonic; there were other dry ice
shippers. The photos I've seen show that all of the DICX cars of
that vintage appear to be conventional wood-sheathed refrigerator
cars which have been converted for dry ice loading by adding very
heavy insulation. A common feature was the application of extra-
strength strap door hinges owing to the added weight of the
insulation on the doors. I have photos of DICX 128, DICX 218, and
DICX 283 which I can scan and send to you off-list.

Richard Hendrickson


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