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Are you modeling any of those cool coke (and other) container cars the Monon
had that we saw great photos of in MainLine Modeler?

Elden Gatwood


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Bill and all,

I'm sure Bill is referring to Citizens Coke and Gas Utility in Indianapolis.
It was shut down over a year ago and is being dismantled as we speak.

CC&G coke was a good source of car loadings for the Monon and NKP in our era.
They also shipped tar and molten sulfur, both by products of the coke making
process. I was surprised to learn that a lot of the traffic on the Monon went
to smaller mills and foundaries all over the midwest.

I had incorrectly assumed that the loads always went to the large mills in
the Calumet Region.

Mont Switzer

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Indianapolis still has a coke gas production facility. Both the NKP and
Monon had specialty cars assigned to carry the coke, primarily to steel
mills. It now goes by truck.

Bill Darnaby

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