Re: Pure Carbonic - DICX 204

Richard Hendrickson

On Feb 27, 2009, at 9:59 AM, Claus Schlund (HGM) wrote:
Hi Dave, Richard, and List Members,

The car in the image appears to have roof hatches.

Why would a car intended to be used for dry ice retain roof
hatches? I mean, dry ice maintains a colder temperature than you
can make using ice and salt alone...

The fact that DCIX cars had hatch covers doesn't mean they had ice
bunkers, Claus. It was common practice on refrigerator cars
converted into refrigerated box cars (I.e., insulated cars without
ice bunkers) to seal the hatch covers closed and remove the bunkers.
no reason why MDT could not have done the some thing in converting
conventional RS reefers into dry ice cars.

Richard Hendrickson

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