Re: coke

Malcolm H. Houck

I've seen bituminous coal referred to as steam coal in areas where
anthracite is used for home heating.


The term "steam coal" was often used interchangeably,
to a point of confusion, and with reference to included anthracite
as well as bituminous. Anthracite "Steam Coal" was in sizes
deemed to small for use in furnaces and stoves with grates
designed to accommodate the larger grades of "lump",
"nut" and "egg."

Sometimes called "dust" much of processed quantity of the
smaller sizes of anthracite was discarded in the dumps and piles
of "culm" (combustible materials, as opposed to "slack" which
was non-combustible slate and sandstone) that were the
eyesores of many locations in the anthracite region.

In the course of extensive reclamation projects many of the
anthracite region culm banks of "dust" and "steam coal" have
been mined, and the resident materials reprocessed and used
as power plant fuels.

Mal Houck
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