Re: Drill Bits and MiniMate

Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

I will second the opinions favoring the MicroLux drill press. I have found it to be one of most reliable and useful tools in my benchtop armamentarium, and although one has to be very selective, I use up to #80 drills successfully; #76 drills routinely.

I have had a Brazelton drill press for many years, and there are some tasks for which I still favor that tiny precision machine (primarily some work with brass locomotives). However, years might go by between perceived need. The Brazelton does not handle well some of the relatively blunt-tipped tiny drills that seem to seep out of the LHS woodwork, while the MicroLux can at times just force the drills to do their job.

Personally, when purchasing steel drills, I only purchase drills made in the US, Germany, Switzerland or Japan- no where else. The cost on the front end more than makes up for the pervasive absence of quality control seemingly rampant from those made elsewhere.

My battery powered Dremel is not a MiteyMite, but the version of the full sized Dremel Tool. I do not know the current products, but at the time of purchase I passed up the MiteyMite because of poor speed control. I have found the full sized tool to be excellent. The speed control is the best I have yet experienced with Dremel; the battery charge gives you a long working life; and it is extremely well balanced so that I can hold it steadily in my hand (like a pen) when drilling multiple tiny holes. It is my right hand when I take up my usual summer front porch freight car building frenzy.


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