Re: Sourcing clear plastic rod

Joseph Melhorn

Hi Schuyler,

If it has to be rigid, I don't know of a source for clear rod that small.
However, <> has 1mm (.0394"
dia.) fiber optic rod that might work for you. I have used their 2mm for
light pipes in diesel engines with great results.


Joe Melhorn
Orangevale, CA


Thanks, but 1/16" = .0625" Looking for something smaller.


Try _www.plastruct.com_ (
<> ) they have 1/16 and
Chuck Hladik

In a message dated 3/1/2009 5:17:48 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
schuyler.larrabee@... <>

Forgive me for asking something potentially off topic, but I am trying to
find some small diameter
clear plastic rod. Specifically, in the immediate case, I need some 0.040"
clear plastic rod.

Small Parts: no.
McMaster Carr: no
General Google search results: nothing smaller than .0625"

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