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I find that the lack of a tail, be it a power cord or a power shaft,
really improves the control I have.
I can't recall the last time I snapped a bit while drilling a model
part with the Mini Mite.
The drill press I use for milling resin and drilling bolster screw
pilot holes, as well as drilling metal. Bolster holes I believe need
to perfect, everything else can be close to square.
Pierre Oliver
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Thanks Pierre.

Is there that much more control of the MiniMite over a "regular"
Dremel fitted with the flex shaft? The flex shaft in my hands feels
like a pencil, and I get some good control, but I have to admit I
don't have that much experience using it to drill small holes. I
just got a micro chuck from MicroMark, so need to play with that
when I have the time.

I guess put another way, you get good control, drill holes with
minimal bit breakage using the MiniMite held in your hand? You
don't use a drill press, or found you don't need to use a press?



One of the big appeals to me for the Mini-Mite is the mobility and
flexibility I can have with smaller tool. I can drill odd angles
quickly as square holes. I also like the fact that it dosn't
much bench space. That 2 square feet can shrink pretty quickly.
Pierre Oliver

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