Re: taking out broken drill bits, was "Drill Bits and MiniMate"

Rod Miller

This works on brass models. I don't know what will happen
with your diecast boiler. You might want to experiment first.
Perhaps others have more information on diecast.

I remove all ferrous parts and then immerse the brass
part with the embedded broken screw/drill in a solution of
salt water, highly concentrated. Takes a few days, and will
damage paint.

There is a faster method using IIRC alum. Hopefully someone
will chime in with info on it.


Quesnelle, Claude wrote:

I'm sure you've read my last posts asking about the Dremel
Work Station and MiniMite held in the hand (drilling
"freehand"). The reason for this interest: I have a
locomotive shell that I was working on, using a #80 in a pin
vice to drill out holes for hand grabs and, as luck would have
it, or maybe cause I didn't have a steady hand :-(, said bit
broke into the piece, with very little sticking out. Either I
develop a steadier hand or get a drill press. But, back to
the loco shell. Does anyone have any tips or tricks on how to
extract that broken bit? When I say there isn't much sticking
out, I can run my finger over it and there is hardly any
catch, some yes, but not much.

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