Re: So why are we doing this?

Dave & Libby Nelson <muskoka@...>

Because of those darn Floridians, I suppose. Everybody in the
country is slightly ticked off
Yes, that accounts for much no doubt, but it's hardly a good enough reason

I suppose the list also exists to answer questions such as:
Given a commodity that was shipped by tank car, how do I determine
what type of car carried that commodity. Furthermore, how would I
determine what company or companies owned said type of car for that

For example, I recently learned that I need to ship sulfuric acid to
a corn mill (acid was used to produce corn oil). What kind of car do
I use (and more importantly, how can I find out for myself?)?

Surely this could be addressed on the FC list too -- and in the past, it

Hmm. Looks like I need to be blunt: Is the elephant in the room (the one
that nobody wants to speak about) personality or content?

IMO, differing personalities are a fact of life (made somewhat easier by
delete keys and/or kill files) and as such, establishing yet another
discussion group provides no assurance of perpetual pleasantries. Rather
than discuss one or more persons publically, I suggest private e-mails if
further comment is needed.

OTOH, there does appear to me that there is a fundamental schism of
priorities over in FC. Hard to describe singularly, but to my view it
encompases the differing priorites of display vs. used, finescale vs. mass
market, the joy of assembly & painting vs. fastest RTR, a roster of few vs.
many, scratchbuilding vs. buying, accomplished vs. learning, perhaps others,
but generally embodied in the rivet-counter vs. goodenuffer labels. Is
something here the reason for another group?

Or am I just too dense to accept the face value assertion it's about steam
ear cars?

Dave Nelson

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