Re: Interesting boat load

Tim O'Connor

Yes, and it could have come from the planet Krypton too!
But I still think you're just making stuff up to try to
rationalize an idea that has been disproven too many times.
You have ZERO evidence for any explanation other than the
photo caption, and as Andy pointed out, it would be a
rather amazing coincidence that the other parts of the
boat are loaded on CN flat cars.

Tim O'Connor

I find that the most likely explanation of this load would be an
error in the caption and the that boat may well have travelled from
the US to Quebec and thence on the CN to North Bay (a westward
Bruce, by what route? Where did it originate? Why the heck
would it travel from Santa Fe rails to Quebec before it was
sent to North Bay? You're just making stuff up!
Jeez Tim,

We've been over this a bazillion times! What the heck does it have
to do with Santa Fe rails? The ATSF flat car was in a NATIONAL
POOL. The car distribution rules within the US DID NOT APPLY. As I
noted, loading the ATSF car in the northeastern US would have been
within the rules of service for that car. Hypothetically, the car
could have been loaded in somewhere, like say Boston, on the B&M and
then made its way north to Quebec and thence west to North Bay.


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