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On Mar 4, 2009, at 7:08 PM, Anthony Thompson wrote:
Richard Hendrickson wrote:
Quite right; I overlooked those in the table in the ORER. Of
course, though the Santa Fe wasn't exactly a near neighbor of the
CN, Chicago was a lot closer to Quebec than the nearest SP
connection (presumably Portland, OR).


Actually, the Santa Fe was a direct neighbor to CN's US subsidiary, GTW in Chicago.?The?lead extending out of the south end of Corwith yard?splits, one piece turns 90 to the east and is parallel to GTW's Elston yard, the other turns?45 due SW and eventually links to Belt railway's giant Clearing yard.? I believe this was?originally the former Illinois Northern RR. Inbound?freights to Corwith still use this eastward?lead to double the trains back into the yard since the north end is fouled by the ICG/CP (former Alton/GM&O main).?? The?GTW yard is now?gone.?

I can bear witness that most freights (late '50's & '60's)?using the GTW to Michigan from Elston yard?almost always had large blocks of ATSF cars in them, so, that's?the most likely port of entry into Canada for this Ft.??It was common then to see large SFRD reefer blocks and blocks of ATSF cars loaded with auto frames passing by on the?GTW.

Tom Casey?

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