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Gatwood, Elden J SAD

Tim and all;

What I am grateful for is the quality of the shots, which is, of course to be
expected of LIFE photographers.

That Walker Evans took the time to take all of those gorgeous color shots is
what is really getting me.

Note that the shots of the Frisco cars show the two completely distinct
shades of "red" they had on cars at the same time. Perfect!

Oh, and can someone comment on the GN tongue-and-groove box car side? What
kind of car do you think it is? Is it a '37 AAR with wood sides?

Elden Gatwood


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Elden and all, be aware there are FAR MORE than 200 railroad
photos in the archive, but the Google search only reveals 200
at a time -- by using different words, or names of railroads,
you will get different photo assortments.

For example "dieselization" will return 200 photos from the
Gulf Mobile & Ohio!!

Tim O'Connor

Most of these shots have never been published before. Go to "railroad" on
the first page and see what they have. What I am astounded about is the
color rendition. The close up shots of freight car sides and logos by Walker
Evans are a lesson in what we keep trying to replicate in scale. For the
gent asking about the color of a Frisco box car, take a look.

An astounding resource. <>

BTW, the 1951 shot of a flat car in Canada will really start you guys

Elden Gatwood

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