Re: What are your recommendations for HO decals for meat reefers?

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Be very careful when ordering from Clover House. These are very nice dry transfers, but many of his decals are much too old for the era Charlie specified. Russ has marked his decals with the approximate dates of service, so make sure you get ones that are the right age.

Brian Ehni

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I'm probably the last guy on this list to have bought Gene Green's excellent color book on ice reefers. Are there 'good' sources for decals covering the private meat companies around - I model 1954?

Thanks - Charlie
Charlie: One source for a lot of reefer decals is Clover House. They're dry transfers but you can put them on decal paper. Download their catalogue, because it takes too long to read it online. I've got Gene's book and it's a good one.

Stephan Parachuk

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