Re: What are your recommendations for HO decals for meat reefers?



The Sunshine decals are all available separately. I order decals from Sunshine now and then. I write a letter explaining exactly what I want, and send a check for $6.00 for each set. Then I wait. Sometimes I have to wait for 60 days, and sometimes--as was the case the last time I ordered decals--I wait nine months.

John Golden
Bloomington, IN

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Charlie, while Clover House does early era stuff, they offer dry transfers for meat reefers suitable for the 50's. I have used
their sets for Decker (gone by the 50's) Armour and Swift cars. And don't forget Sunshine Models offers a line of meat reefers
suitable for the 50's and may have the decals available separately.

Doug Harding

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