Re: What are your recommendations for HO decals for meat reefers?


Personally, I'm vexed by "Reefer Madness", and am on a quest to build many that moved on the Erie in the early 50's.
Some of the suggestions given a very good. Might I also add Oddball decals as a potential source. I model in "O" scale, but Oddball will make any set they offer in a variety of scales...AND THEY HAVE REEFERS!!! You'll need to look through his online list, to see what interests you. I ordered a few months ago, and his service is prompt, and pricing is good.
Champ still makes the decals for Kingan's, ART, Morell, Swift, MDT/NRC, etc.
Microscale also offers a slew of reefer decals..
Matt Forsyth
Modeling the DL&W, Erie, PRR, NYC
and LV, in "O" Scale, Elmira, NY 1951

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