Help with boxcars in M&P wreck, 1948.

James McDonald

Hello group,

A friend is writing an article for Timetable, the newsletter of the Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad Historical Society, about a wreck that occurred on the M&P in April of 1948 near Ferncliff, Maryland. Knowing my interest in freight cars, he asked if I could help him track down some information about the boxcars involved in that wreck.

Two of the cars' numbers are unknown, as they are not visible/legible in any of the photos. One car is reportedly from the UP. The other unidentified car is a CB&Q single sheathed boxcar with double doors. This car seems to be similar to an XA-7 or XA-8, but has double "Youngstown type" (i.e. corrugated) full-size doors instead of wooden doors-and-a-half I've seen in photos of XA-7's or XA-8's. I'm not knowledgeable about CB&Q boxcars, but does the above provide CB&Q experts enough info to identify this car's series, even though its specific number is unknown?

The other two boxcars can be identified as GN 6105, a 1901-17 built double sheathed truss rod frame car, and C&S 13630, an XM-26 type built in 1926. However, I would appreciate any other useful information that might be relevant, or corrections to my identification.

In closing, would anyone have photos of these cars before the wreck (understandably a long shot), or good photos of representative members of their series, that my friend could use for his article about the wreck (with proper photo credit, naturally)?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

James McDonald
Greenbelt, MD

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