Northwest Santa Fe Mini-Meet, April 18

John Thompson

Here is the invitation and agenda for the 10th annual Northwest Santa Fe Mini-Meet for Saturday, April 18. If you would like a registration form, please contact me off-list at JThomp1945@....

John Thompson

10th Northwest Santa Fe Mini-Meet

Saturday, April 18, 2009 – Kent (Seattle area), WA

This is your invitation to attend the 10th annual Mini-Meet of Santa Fe Railway fans and modelers in the Northwest. It will take place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sat., April 18, 2009, in conjunction with the annual open house of the Boeing Employees Model Railroad Club in the Boeing Recreation Activity Center (22649 83rd Av. S., Kent, WA). This is the same building as last year.

The current agenda, subject to change, looks like this:

9:00 -10:00 – Register, pick up handouts, meet other attendees
10:00 -- Bill Messecar on "Modeling Santa Fe's LA Division 3rd District in HO"
11:15 – Robert Hoffman on "Santa Fe Boxcars Since 1964 & HO Models"
12:15 -- No-host lunch break -- $5 sandwich lunches for sale –
tour the Boeing club's HO layout and Open House displays
1:30 -- Introductions of Attendees, Show & Tell
2:00 – John Thompson on "Santa Fe's El Capitan & HO Models"
3:15 – Doug Nighswonger on "Santa Fe in Kansas, 1960 – A Prototype to Model"
4:30 -- Discuss New Models and Member Slide Show
5:00 -- End Mini-Meet

Cost for the event and handouts is a $7 donation to cover our costs. The general public attending the Boeing club's free Open House may also drop in to visit us.

Don't forget to bring your favorite Santa Fe models to show. No sales are allowed in the building now, but you can bring items to show & later sell outside. We're looking forward to seeing all you Santa Fe fans and modelers again.

Bill Messecar and John Thompson

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