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Hi Bob,

The B&O Railroad Historical Society has initiated a fairly popular line of products like this from our archives. Particularly "Scans from the Archives Vol. 3," which contains painting and lettering diagrams of B&O Freight Cars from the 1920s on.

We started with just CD-ROMs of the large format drawings. We've found that sales improved by coupling them with a reprint book made of 8 x 10 print outs of the PDF files of these drawings. It helps us at train shows by allowing people to actually see what's on the CD and really doesn't cost that much. These are also much easier for us to store, ship and display than rolled drawings.

The CD-ROMs themselves are duplicated by a professional CD-ROM duplication service. Their minimum order is 50 and can package them in any manner we select, including no packaging.

After buying the product individuals can print out these large format drawings at any store like Staples or a blueprint duplication company like Print-O-Stat.

We currently have three volumes of drawings out now, a 4th is being burned on CD at the vendor and a 5th should just be arriving. If anyone is interested we will be at RPM East in Greensburg, PA this Friday and Saturday.

Take Care
-Nick Fry
Director at Large
B&O Railroad Historical Society

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As a OCD rivet counter <G>, I have stumbled into heaven. It seems that this group may well be able to use this resource.

The ACL/SAL/SCL HS has place 65 rolls of microfilmed freight and passenger car plans and stencils onto recoverable discs. The Society will sell actual plans if you know what you are seeking. It is all run by volunteers and frankly has no actual ineractive database which means everything needs to be looked up.

An example is a specific car that I am interest in modleing has 14 2'x3' plan sheets along with stenciling to creat lettering. At five dollars a sheet, you will get everything the manufacturer supplied the railroad that has been recorded.

On Friday, I will receive the p-lans at a RPM meet in Savannah.. Hopefully, we will be able to come up with a way to get this information onto a database.

My contact who has the documents is very helpful, but could be overwhelmed by all of us. Your thoughts are welcome on how to help
the HS make these records public. They need to recover their costs in making this available and it will help them do more to help those of us who build highly detailed models.

My question to you guys, is how can we help the HS?

These folks have done something that TRINITY INDUSTRIES of Dallas, TX does not have and they own all the companies today that built the cars we model! The people at TRINITY were helpful, but they can nonly find a car plan if you have original sheet numbers proivided a RR that is long gone or merged.

My contact also has various plans and information for other than ACL/SAL/SCL RR's.
He and I will develope a list of what else he has in his personal collection for your reference.


Bob McCarthy
Modeling the Mighty Central of Georgia in Scale S

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