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I really appreate the e-mags including SCL Modeler. I like your offering it in hi-res - it was only a 2 min D/L on my Comcast connection and it extra definition is sppreciated esp since my club is now working with the local Historical Society to build a layout for them and we need historical data.

Jerry Glow

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The latest edition of The Seaboard-Coast Line Modeler is uploaded on the ACL & SAL Historical Society website and is ready for your viewing.  You can access the SCL Modeler site at:
We're trying something a little different this time by making available for download a low-res version (~35 megs) and a higher-res version (~70 megs).  Let us know if you like the option.
Naturally, as soon as this latest magazine was uploaded, I found a half dozen typos. After two weeks of editing they still seem to appear out of nowhere. Please forgive my mistakes--I'll fix them and post a corrected copy in a few weeks. 
For those of you who are interested in purchasing a CD with all the issues of the SCL Modeler from the society, we are providing the full-res versions (~75 megs ea.) on the CDs so you can best view documents in From the Archives.
As always, we appreciate your positive, constructive comments to make our product better. And if you have any model photos or article ideas, we'd love to hear from you at Golden1014@...

John Golden
Bloomington, IN

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