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Thanks for all the info on the B&O cars! I appreciate it!

Elden Gatwood


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Maybe the first RR to equip a gondola with a
removable roof was the B&O in 1936.

At that time The B&O converted two of there
O-41 50-ton 49+ foot cars to class O-41A.

They were changed back to O-41s 8-20-42.
Another B&O innovation that was before its time.

There was an article in the Model Craftsman (RMC)
magazine of November 1940 about these cars with
one picture and a sketch of the Detachable Car
Roof Details. This made it a waterproof seal.

Another invention of John J. Tatum, Assistant
Chief of Motive Power & Equipment of the
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.

The B&O did not follow up on this until 1957
when they converted some O-63 class 52'-5"
with covers to carry bar steel reclassed O-63E.
25 cars.

And also in 1956-57 they converted some more
O-63s to O-63D by adding corrugated steel covers
to carry coiled steel. 224 cars were converted
at their DuBois, Pa. shops.

And again in 1959 they converted 140 O-65 class
52'-6" gons to class O-65A this time using
Republic Steel Corp. Hoods.

And some more O-65s (50) to O-65C in 1957
using Std. Rwy. Equipt. Co. removeable roofs
for bar steel loading. 70 Ton cars.

And more to O-65D in 1957 (10) using Youngstown
removeable roofs. These were for Tin Plate and
rated at 70 Ton.

And some more in the 60's out of scope for this list.
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