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There was also doodlebug service between Albuquerque and Belen.??Train 13/14 exchanged a baggage/RPO combine with?E/W mainline trains before it continued on to Denver.? In the mid '50's & 60's this would be a short streamlined?train pulled by E8m's.?

Depending upon the era modeled, large parts of the?right of way changed little over many of the decades that interest most modelers.??(excluding the recent double tracking project in the canyon)? Except for the line west of Dalies, there's considerable amounts of single track?mainline railroading, but with a traffic density that?probably kept dispatchers highly cafinated.???

Belen also dispatched the "hog special"? stock train to LA, so, there's a need for long strings of stock cars.?? Post '59, you can?also run?"desert dwelling alligators".? One thing you won't need to model much of for this area; TREES!

Tom Casey?

Yes, of course. But think of what you'll get as a trade-off. Since
Belen was the western end of the Pecos Division, you'll need both
2-10-4s and 4-8-4s of a size and elegance that the M&StL never
imagined, as well as (depending on the date you model) big brawny
3800 class 2-10-2s, freight FTs, and passenger F-3s in Warbonnet P/
L. You'll also need a bunch of map/slogan reefers and box cars and
some Caswell gondolas, all readily available in HO. You won't need
to model the Super Chief, El Cap, etc. but you will need the Grand
Canyon and the Scout, so lotsa heavyweight passenger equipment. If
that all seems like too much, you could model the El Paso district
from Belen south, with a lot of freight traffic but only one
passenger train each way (#13-14). And you can draw on the resources
of a large and very active historical society. Of course, you can
still keep some M&StL freight cars, as those traveled widely in
interchange. Welcome to big time class 1 railroading!

Richard Hendrickson

Well, I already have the Walthers Santa Fe Super Chief and a couple of Santa Fe 4-8-4s. Those Intermountain reefers are mighty tempting. And I just joined the Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society. Maybe I could model Nemo, Illinois where the ATSF and M&StL had their only interchange. But Abo Canyon beckons.

Gene Green

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