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I am currently in the process of attempting to build a Rock Island
double sheathed boxcar.The plans are silent as to the location of "Rock
Island".My question is,just where is it supposed to be located?Right or left
of the door.Admittedly,I am not too familiar with the Rock Island Line even
though "it's a mighty fine road.".Armand Premo


The 1931 Carbuilders has photos of a Rock Island #142000 series
40 ft. boxcar, a #160000 series 40 ft. auto car and a #264000 series
50 ft. auto car. While all three of these are single sheathed they
are all lettered in the same way. Thus I wonder if the lettering arrangement might be the same foru your double sheathed car. On all three of these there is the usual white line surmountiong the "R.I."
and antoehr underneath the car number, all to the left of the door.
In each case the "Rock Island" is above these reporting marks. The
two auto cars each have the word "automoble" to the right of the
doors, while the right side is bare except for the dimensional data
on the plain #142000 series boxcar.

Perhaps this will be of some help, Don Valentine

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