Underbody Detail Handout

Gene Green <bierglaeser@...>

Will someone who has, or has access to, my handout on underbody detail see if I included the foundation brake gear for a caboose that has a hand brake on each end? If I didn't include that I surely should have.

There was a recent question on that topic and I was about to refer the gentleman to my handout - it is, I understand, available somewhere on the internet - but realized I don't remember whether the answer to his question was in the handout or not.

Can someone tell me how to find my presentation on the internet?

As most of you know my computer (used to be dog in the pre-computer days) ate my homework. At the NMRA convention in Toronto my computer somehow destroyed the presentation before our eyes as I was trying to put on the underbody detail clinic.

I have the intention, if not the git-up-and-go, to revise and reissue the handout. There are some recent new developments that ought to be included even though they are outside the time span of this group. I have found better ways to present some of the information.

Gene Green
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