Re: Need information about several freight cars, circa Nov 1955-Sept 1957

Ed Hawkins

Eric, I can help on a few. I believe several numbers have been
incorrectly identified.
Ed Hawkins

On Apr 3, 2009, at 10:20 AM, Rob Erickson wrote:

Group, I have been trying to identify cars that were listed in a
conductor's train consist notes. These notes were once posted on the
Toledo West website. The dates are from November 1955 through
September 1957.

Out of almost 2300 cars listed, I am still stumped by the following:

GM&O 86592
No such number. Possibly 80592. If so, a 1958 cu. ft. covered hopper
built ACF 1950, lot 3460

MKT 91321
40' box series 91001-91500, ACF 6-50, lot 3459 (ACF 4-4 proprietary

MP 10329
No such number during this time period.

MP 25894
No such number during this time period.

T&P 103
No such number during this time period.

T&P 30348
Originally a single-sheathed auto car built Pressed Steel 10-29 from
series 61000-61524, rebuilt between 1942-1953 with steel sheathing and
single doors with 6' wide openings and renumbered 30000-30632.

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