Re: Need information about several freight cars, circa Nov 1955-Sept 1957

Dennis Storzek

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SOO 17473
I believe you have a typo / missing digit here.

Further, it might be worth noting that the Soo commonly didn't use their assigned reporting mark on cars until the eighties. Prior to that, they used their name; to quote the 1/58 ORER, "The freight cars of this company are marked "M.St.P.& S.S.M.R.R.Co." and "Soo Line"..." So, it's entirely possible that whoever made the list abbreviated it SOO L or Soo l, which would be where the extra diget one came from.

I bet it's Soo Line 7473. It would have been a 40' gon with a spiral end, IIRC.


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