Re: Underbody Detail Handout

Douglas Harding <dharding@...>

Gene, I have a copy of your handout, and did the original scan over three years ago. That scan was too large to post or email,
some 32mb in size. It was available for one month on a website which hosted large files, and most members downloaded from that
site. Then we discovered a page had been skipped. The copy in the STMFC files was a bad attempt at reducing the size of the file
using a different program, and it did not do your work justice.

Today I rescanned the handout, using newer technology in better machine. The new pdf file came in at 3.2mb in size, much more
manageable, and readable. I have posted it to the group files and deleted the old file. Look for "Freight Car Underbody
Detail.pdf" in the group files.


Doug Harding

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