Re: Need information about several freight cars, circa Nov 1955-Sept 1957

Tim O'Connor

Out of almost 2300 cars listed, I am still stumped by the following:
ACL 56063 O-?
Definitely a 40' double door car, 10'4"IH, 80k capacity.
My guess: a rebuilt car but I have no photo or other data
other than a partial shot of a rebuilt car but no number
can be seen.

A&D 2011
I have two photos of rebuilt A&D box cars (2148,2247) but not
from this series (2001-2035). Again I guess it's a rebuilt car,
10'0"IH and 80k cap.

CGW 910
A "modern" 50' double door box car, built in 1956. Photos in the
Morning Sun CGW Color Guide. Model with Branchline's kit, but
the photos are not the original paint scheme.

CGW 4820
Definitely one of the "1930 ARA" cars, indicated by 8'7"IH and
other dimensions. In 1959 all of these cars (4800-4894) were
assigned to hide loading only. Use Red Caboose, or resin kit.

CMO 5011
CMO 5031
No such number series in 1955-1959. Probable typo: 50000-50199
were two bay 50 ton open hoppers. I think the Athearn or Kadee
cars (one of them) is correct.

That's all for now, I hope it helps.

Tim O'Connor

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