SHPX end lettering

Schuyler Larrabee


I have a fairly terrible photo of a SHPX tank car, which is a leased car and has markings for the
lessee on it. I can see that the end bears the car number: S.H.P.X. 0000 for example. I can "see"
that mostly because I "know that's what that says." (I think.) But there is some additional
lettering below that which is truly impossible to make out in this photo. We're talking a few
linear smudges here . . .

Can someone provide me with a few images of the ends of SHPX cars so I can see what that lettering
might be? FWIW, this is an 8,000 gallon car. This is for the purpose of making decals.

Very much TIA,

La vita e breve, mangiate prima il dolce!

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