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Subject: [STMFC] New Jersey piers (1948 National Geographic)
Date: Friday, April 3, 2009, 9:14 PM

I have come into possession of a beat-up copy of the July 1948 National Geographic, which contains the article "The Mighty Hudson."

Across pages 8-9 is a photo credited to the Port of New York Authority-- "Uncle Sam's 'Medicine' for Ailing Europe Lies Heaped on New Jersey Railroad Piers..."

On the track running across the foreground are four box cars: B&O M-26 or subclass, M&StL "Peoria Gateway" double-sheathed, Rock Island single-sheathed (hard to see), and Wheeling and Lake Erie steel-sheathed.

Partly hidden on a parallel track is a Soo Line 50' "AUTOMOBILE" car with centered doors; farther back is a B&O 50-footer with postwar 4/4 ends.

In the distance is a string of Erie high-side gons loaded with crates; a 65' mill gon (shadows-- owner unknown); and crates on the ground marked CADILLAC GENERAL MOTORS. Other roads represented are PRR and CNJ.

On page 7 is a shot of a large grain elevator at Albany, seen from a passing excursion boat. Can't make out much but there is a gon with cylindrical LCL containers nearby (and some box cars of course.)

Scott Pitzer

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