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Jerry <jrs060@...>

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Gene, stick with what you know! You can take yourself out of
the midwest but you may find it hard to take the midwest out
of your memories.

Tim O'Connor
Mr. O'Connor, this is a point well taken that we all should endeavor to
understand about our modeling and motivations. Most of Santa Fe steam
was quite ugly, with archaic looking cabs, and a stack made literally from
a piece of cast iron sewer pipe! I would find it hard to conceive that Gene
could forsake his beloved M&StL 2-8-2s for somthing like that. The M&StL
had a lovable charismatic charm all it's own--- indeed the very reason why
one would choose the railroad to model. Perhaps he would reconsider his

Happiness in Modeling, Jerry Stewart

Woodstock, Ill.

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