Re: MILW double-sheathed box cars

Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

These boxcars were ubiquitous, but seldom photographed. These were the boxcars that were largely replaced by the large orders of SS cars in the late twenties, and they were to be completely retired by the production of the welded ribside cars in the late thirties. For all intents and purposes those cars whose lives were then extended by WWII service all but completely disappeared when the war ended. A very few lasted as late as 1953.

The diagram books do depict the breadth and variety of these cars. Richard Hendrickson has the best collection of photos that I know of. Most visual information otherwise has to be gained by close inspection of photographs where these cars are only an incidental subject. Some of the close details can be determined by inspection of the many photos that the Milwaukee shops took of their new-building lightweight "Hiawatha" passenger cars. On the next assembly line in full view were an entire line of the double sheathed cars being converted into flangers and MOW-type cars.


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