Re: DL&W 18000 series hoppers

Ed Hawkins

On Apr 5, 2009, at 10:32 AM, bud9351 wrote:

I am looking for info, or plans for the Lackawanna RR 18000-18999
series covered hoppers blt in Oct '56. I have conflicting information
on the length, one source says 41' another 47'. Any help?
Bud Rindfleisch
I'm presuming you are looking for the cars in series 18000-18099, 100
cars built by AC&F lot no. 4698. The reason you are finding two length
dimensions is because the inside length is specified as 41' and outside
length as 47'-1".

The original set of drawings (about a dozen or so) are at the Museum of
Transportation in St. Louis, Mo. These include a general arrangement,
brake arrangement, and more detailed drawings of various steel parts or
assemblies. Contact me off list if you are interested in obtaining
Ed Hawkins

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