Re: Rebuilt BX-13s, was Need information about several freight cars, circa Nov 1955-Sept 1957

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Richard - any chance I can get those pictures as well? IIRC, the old Mainline Modeler article on the rebuilds didn't mention any with diagonsl psnel roofs...


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Andy's post beat me to the draw here, but I will add that ATSF 32527,
though it was indeed a Bx-13 class box car, wasn't single sheathed by
the late 1950s. In the early 1950s, all of the surviving Bx-13s were
rebuilt with AAR-design all steel bodies and diagonal panel roofs,
using their original ends, underframes and trucks. They were then
renumbered into the 32500-33484 series.

Mike, I'll send you a couple of scans off-list.

Richard Hendrickson

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