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Don't know about Micro-Mark without checking our their catalog but I have used these same triangular rubber pieces on pencils, Xacto knives, dental picks, scribers and and other tools for some years.
I believe they have been available in blue, red, yellow and, possibly, green. Mine were all purchased at Staples and were very inexpensive. They should solve both the color coding and tool
rolling issues that Armand has written about.

Don Valentine

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Micro-Mark (I think, but there are certainly others) sells a rubberish,
triangular section tube that fits over the No. 1 handle and keeps it from
rolling. I found a small rubberish protective cap for something the fit
loosely on the end of the handle. I jammed a small piece of sprue or rod or
something in there parallel to the handle axis that both locks it all solid
and keeps it from rolling.
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From: A. Premo

Sitting at my work bench working on freight cars I am thinking about several
things that impede my progress:tools all silver and mostly round.I thought
how nice it would be if tools were color coded rather than spending precious
time locating the right xacto or screw driver.Then I thought of the many
times round tools rolled off the work bench causing me to spend more time
looking for them on the floor.Has anyone solved the problem of rolling tools
or time spent searching in a sea of silver for a specific tool? Am I alone
dealing with these frustrations? <G>Armand Premo

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