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Tom Gloger

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In searching the Library of Congress' Farm Security
Administration/Office of War Information for scenes waher rolling
stock are featured, I have found the following key words helpful

freight cars

I am curious what other words people have found helpful?
sulphur (not sulfur)
hooker (you'll be surprised)

Sometimes the captions don't mention what to us are the most
important thing, because they were written to explain what was
_different_ about the picture. So if, for example, you are
looking for photos about soup making, also look up words like
washing, peeling, slicing, and cooking.

In addition, there are often other pictures taken at the same
time which never received a caption, and thus can't be found
by searching. So if you see a picture of interest, click on
it, then click on the words "Display Images with Neighboring
Call Numbers." There the pictures are arranged by numerical
order, which only roughly corresponds to chronological order.
It's best, once you're viewing the photos by call number, to
page back and forth a few pages looking for related photos.

Sometimes two or more photographers covered the same subject,
but since each photographer had a block of numbers assigned
to them, there may be two or more groups of numbers covering
the photos taken at that time. Try the "Display Images with
Neighboring Call Numbers" trick on other photos you find by

If you like old photos, go to my home page and click on the
word "History." Some of the collections are better than

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