Re: DL&W 18000 series hoppers


Hi Bud,

The DL&W general arrangement drawings for these show 47' 0 3/4" over the buffers, while the top of the car from the ends of the running boards was 47' 6 3/4".

The inside length is 41' 0 3/4", which might be where the two numbers came from in your source -- inside versus outside length.

The 18020-99 had Barber S2A trucks; the first 20 had a variety of side frame drawings that I'd have to look up.

Running boards were Apex.

Always wondered if any other roads had this car ....Mike Del Vecchio

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I am looking for info, or plans for the Lackawanna RR 18000-18999 series covered hoppers blt in Oct '56. I have conflicting information on the length, one source says 41' another 47'. Any help?
Bud Rindfleisch

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