Re: DL&W 18000 series hoppers

Ed Hawkins

On Apr 5, 2009, at 4:49 PM, Bud Rindfleisch wrote:

Ed, are the drawings at the Museum of Transportation in St Louis
available at the museum? I will be going there this coming summer for
the S scale convention.
The AC&F drawings are at the museum, and they are stored in two
locations. Gaining access to them must be coordinated with the staff at
the MOT.

Drawings for the specific covered hopper car you want are in boxes
stored in a baggage-mail car. It's likely to be pretty hot & humid in
August when the S scale convention is being held. I can say from
experience that being inside the baggage-mail car on a hot day isn't
fun. Ted Culotta can also attest to this. I urge you to do any drawing
searches as early in the morning as possible. Your activities will need
to be coordinated with Nick Ohlman (NOhlman@...), who is on
the MOT staff in the library building.

For drawings of freight cars built from the early 1930s to 1941, they
are stored in steel cabinets in an air conditioned building. These
drawings are also a lot quicker and easier to pull for viewing and/or
for having copies made. The drawings in the baggage-mail car take much
more time and effort. First you have to get to the right box (the boxes
are stacked about 8 high), then the specific drawing numbers of
interest have to be found (typically each box holds around 100

By the way, this baggage-mail car is being deaccessioned per a list of
exhibits that the MOT apparently believes is expendable. I have no idea
what the MOT will do with the drawings if a new home for the car is
found. We're talking about several hundred boxes of drawings.

Contact me off list and we can discuss specifics.
Ed Hawkins

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