Lackawanna 50 ft. boxcar questions


Greetings group;

I have searched the archives for a possible answer, but have come up short-handed, so I am firing away here.

I am working on detailing and weathering some of the really nice Branchline kits that represent the DL&W, 12000 - 12099 series, 50' welded AAR boxcars with the billboard 'Lackawanna' scheme. As part of this detailing program I would like to utilize photo-etched running boards and brake steps.

My DL&W diagram book is only good until 5/1/52, and these cars were built in September, 1956, so I don't have a DL&W diagram sheet for them. Can any of you confirm the type of running board, brake step and brake wheel these cars had? The E-L diagram sheet (#7-7) indicates an Ajax brake wheel, but no running board option; I assume the Ajax brake wheel was original equipment.

I would also really like to re-number one into the 'D-F' scheme (numbers 12074 - 12099); any idea where the appropriate 'D-F' lettering may be found? Also cool to have would be the little loading strap anchor symbols - the circle with a vertical line: (I) .

The models come with a silver 'galvanized' roof; would it be appropriate to paint the ribs with black or freight car color to show a flaked paint effect?

I realize these are probably pushing the limits of the STMFC era, but would appreciate any guidance you can provide. Many thanks in advance;

Jim Harr

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