Re: Need information about several freight cars, circa Nov 1955-Sept 1957

Tim O'Connor

Brian, interesting about CMO cars -- they are not listed in my
1955 ORER but they do appear in the 1959 listing. Evidently they
were renumbered from 26001-26499 (244 cars) to 4992-5091 (98 cars)
in this time period. And in 1959 a new series 5092-5191 appears
with 6' doors (the others have 5' doors) -- I wonder what they

Tim O'

At 4/4/2009 10:44 PM Saturday, you wrote:
I'm late to this party, but here are some more.
CGW 4820 Pretty sure this is a Steel ARA 1923 car assigned to hide service

CMO 5011
CMO 5031 Both of these are 40' stock cars
Brian J Carlson P.E.
Cheektowaga NY

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